A&B Commercial Α.Ε. was founded in Athens, in 1993, by Dimitris Nikoloulis, its object being the representation of food companies and consumer goods from both the international and domestic market.

Over the years, the company has arguably succeeded in offering custom integrated solutions and high-level services able to exceed the requirements of every retailer. Nowadays, we pride ourselves on being a leading wholesaler in the Greek food and consumer goods market with 28 years of experience.

Since its foundation, our company’s objectives are: the development of private label products, the import of products for exclusive disposal and the promotion of branded products, offered all in variety, high quality and particularly competitive prices.

In 2015 the company launched the A&B Commercial Sàrl in Geneva, Switzerland, aligned with its strategic planning to geographically diversify its business activity providing goods characterized by superior value for money at the benefit of the Swiss consumers.

Our key achievements

Points of sale

Product codes

Factories of exclusive representation

Years of experience

Our Values

The registry and the declaration of the values that we embrace in A&B Commercial as well as our commitment to these, consist our key tool and an integral part of our continuous efforts in order to achieve our goals, our mission and our ambitions. The values that we set as a framework define our work and behavior on a daily basis. This is how we believe that we responsibly operate towards our partners, our clients, our suppliers and our broader society by constantly placing higher standards for our company.

We prefer to respectfully communicate with our clients and partners, since we consider that this is a principal factor and a fundamental principle in our common relationship.
We seek for mutually beneficial partnerships with clients, suppliers and partners, based on the values of reliability and transparency which we consider to be the basic ingredient of our success.
We handle every project with consistency and we respect our agreements and deadlines set for all our partnerships.
We always try to understand our partners’ and clients’ needs and to responsibly and decisively respond to their concerns, their problems and the demands of every partnership.
We professionally approach each and every partnership since we believe that this is the only way that we can create and maintain a cooperation relationship that endures over time.


Foundation by Dimitris Nikoloulis

First private label at supermarkets

A&B Commercial SA D.Nikoloulis & R.Ansaldo as shareholders

Expansion of company’s offices & increase of personnel

Company becomes a leader in private label sales in the dog and cat food category (Greece. 70%)

Foundation of A&B Commercial GmbH in Switzerland

Our Vision

Expand our horizons abroad and establish well founded solid partnerships with key supermarket players in European and non-European markets, as well as to continue providing quality services that exceed client expectations.

Why A&B Commercial?

Products’ quality

Our main concern is to offer quality products to our clients and subsequently to the consumers’ public. All our suppliers are certified and they set high standards in order to secure the quality of the products.


The experience and the in-depth knowledge of our specialized personnel consist the principle parameters of our company’s successful course.

Competitive prices

Our staff’s market knowledge and negotiation skills enable us to provide quality products in very competitive prices.

Variety of products

Our company may cover clients’ needs in different products categories, thanks to our long-term cooperation with factories that not only have the know-how and the flexibility to produce a wide variety of products but also can adjust to the market needs.

Immediate customer service

Our fully organized customer service department is always by our clients’ side and makes sure that all orders are forwarded on time to the production factories, it ensures the full update schedule delivery and the prompt resolution of any issues that may arise.

New Ideas

Our executives travel continuously to different countries in and out of Europe in order to locate new products that shall satisfy our customers’ needs.

Human Resources

Αll our executives not only have a great experience and an in-depth knowledge of the market but they also distinguish for their reliability, flexibility, their orientation to the outcome, their open mind and their problem solving abilities.
Our team has developed a wide and multicultural base and possesses accumulated experience through their service in big multinational companies both in Greece and abroad.

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